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IX Reunião da Rede Nacional de Administração Aberta

9th Meeting of the National Network for Open Administration




Despite the transformations caused by the pandemic, the National Open Administration Network kept its usual organization, functioning and collaborative work and, on May 15, 2020, held its 9th Meeting.

After the remote participation being available for the first time at the 8th Meeting, this time, given the impossibility of being held in person, the meeting took place entirely online. All members of the Network attended, except for the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities. The Secretary of State for Innovation and Administrative Modernization, Maria de Fátima Fonseca, also participated, along with two specialist technicians from her Office. 

There was an open discussion, where participants made contributions about the possible changes to the 2020-2021 calendar. In a participatory and informed manner, the members decided on the timeline for the co-creation and development phase of the II National Action Plan, but also the implementation and term of the current action plan, still in progress.


Among the three scenarios presented, the Network decided for the one whose proposal is as follows:

  • Postpone by one year, the co-creation and development period of the II Action Plan, to August 31, 2021; 
  • Keep the implementation schedule of the I Action Plan, which is, end on August 31, 2020. 


There was the presentation of the initiatives which integrated the campaign Open Response | Open Recovery and the Network members organized, as the following:

  1. The webinars «Civic Monitoring and Good Public Expenditure - The Integrity Pact at the Monastery of Alcobaça» and «Transparent Contracting: Civic Monitoring & Open Data», both organized by Transparency and Integrity;


  2. Online discussion panel «Civic participation in turbulent times», promoted by AMA / LabX


To conclude, the MFS determined the next steps towards the progress of the ongoing commitments, but also agree that the development of the II Plan of Action will continue after the end of the IX Meeting. Before closing the meeting, the MSF decided to hold the 10th meeting on July 3, which the agenda is to be defined.