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Who we are / What we do?

Who we are / What we do?

With the objective of implementing the national participation in OGP, the Administrative Modernization Agency promoted the creation of the National Network for Open Administration in May 2018, to develop, coordinate, execute and supervise the National Action Plan for Open Administration.

The National Network for Open Administration integrates governmental and civil society representatives and provides face-to-face and online participation channels.

In addition to the Administrative Modernization Agency, which coordinates the work, the Network is composed by the following entities:

- Presidency and Administrative Modernisation governance area;

- Tax and Customs Authority;

- Portuguese Ombudsman;

- Commission for Access to Administrative Documents;

- Council of Rectors of Portuguese Universities;

- National Association of Young Entrepreneurs;

- National Association of Portuguese Municipalities

- Platform of Civil Society Associations;

- Transparency International Portugal.

All actions developed within the scope of the portuguese participation in the OGP will be available on this website.