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Open Response | Open Recovery - An Open Forum

Open Response | Open Recovery - An Open Forum



The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has stopped part of the world, causing extreme pressure on various sectors of society, both public and private. The fundamental values of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), namely accountability, transparency, inclusivity, and responsiveness are vital as countries move forward in responding to recovery.

It was in this context that OGP created a campaign, Open Response | Open recovery: an open forum that allows its 78 countries and 20 local members, thousands of members of civil society and several multilateral partners to share the resources and initiatives they are creating as the response to the pandemic. 


Initiatives in Portugal

The National Network for Open Administration contributes to this initiative with the organization of 3 webinars, with the following details:

Civic Monitoring and Good Public Spending - The Integrity Pact at Alcobaça Monastery

When: May, 6, 3 pm - 5 pm
Objective: to share experiences and good practices resulting from the implementation of the first Integrity Pact in Portugal.
Description: At a time when we are witnessing an extraordinary increase in public spending motivated by the emergency, it is important to ensure transparency and relevance for the community in its application. Civic monitoring consolidates confidence levels and reinforces the role of public institutions. And that is why an Open Administration is essential and necessary.
Audience: Access to the webinar is restricted to Contracting Entities of the Central and Local Public Administration
Promoters: Transparency International Portugal and Directorate General for Cultural Heritage.
Registration and more info here.

Transparent Contracting: Civic Monitoring & Open Data

When: May, 8, 4 pm - 6 pm
Objective: Sharing of civic monitoring tools, explaining the resources that can be mobilized by citizens to detect and prevent corruption and irregularities associated with public procurement procedures.
Description: Europe is going through the biggest crisis since the 2nd World War, with COVID-19 affecting all European countries. It is necessary to ensure that this extraordinary expense is made with effective control and inspection measures.
Audience: General Audience and Civil Society Organizations
Promoter: Transparency International Portugal
Registration and more info here.


Civic participation in turbulent times - Open Gov challenges and opportunities through the use of technology

When: May, 14, 3 pm - 4:30 pm
Objective: Sharing knowledge and good practices, illustrating examples of civic participation and generating confidence in the relevance of Open Administration.
Description: Explore examples that illustrate opportunities to ensure engagement, diversity and inclusion of civic participation in Public Administration activities in times of emergency, with focus on tangible results of the collaboration between the public sector, civil society and specialists.
Audience: Members of the National Open Administration Network, civil servants, representatives of civil society and general audience.
Promoter: LabX - The Experimentation Lab for Public Administration  - a team of Administrative Modernization Agency
Registration and more info here.


Digital Forum

Another initiative created in the Digital Forum, which is a programme of webinars that runs from May 5th to 7th. The first session is jointly organized by OGP and Apolitical and takes place on May 5, from 12 am to 1 pm, with the theme “How to respond to COVID-19 through open Government”. Registration is free and must be done here.

The remaining programme goes as follows:

  • [05MAY20 - 2 pm] Strengthening Transparency and Accountability in Budgeting and Contracting - Registration

  • [06MAY20 - 1 pm] Open Service Delivery in Health - Communities and Governments Working Together - Registration

  • [06MAY20 - 7 pm] Keeping Information and Data out of Lockdown - Registration

  • [07MAY20 - 12 am] Access to Justice and Open Government During a PandemicRegistration 

  • [07MAY20 - 2 pm] Open Government and Digital Governance in the Time of COVID19 - Registration

 Follow the news on OGP Portugal’s website for more updates.