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Webinar summary “ Civic Participation in Open Government Processes”

Webinar summary “Civic Participation in Open Government Processes”



In the context of the dissemination and promotion of the Public Consultation to the Self-Assessment Report of the 1st National Open Administration Action Plan, part of the Open Government Partnership Portugal project, the Webinar "Civic Participation in Open Administration Processes" was held on October 22, 2020. The webinar had the participation of Luís Vidigal, member of the Board of Directors of the Platform of Civil Society Associations – Casa da Cidadania (one of the founding members of the National Open Administration Network), as a guest speaker, and aimed to make known the benefits of public participation in the processes of Open Administration.  


The session was divided into two parts: the first with presentations by  AMA and the guest speaker,  the second with a debate that included questions from the participants. 

It was a dynamic and participated session, in which incentives were made to the participation in the ongoing Public Consultation, and where challenges, opportunities and actions were identified in how to promote civic participation, from which we highlight:

  1. Challenge: Compared to other countries civic participation in Portugal is lower than it could be

    • Opportunity: Public consultations under the National Action Plans can be privileged spaces to amplify the voice of the citizen and mobilize civil society for co-creation;

    • Actions: Provide more information about public consultations and Open Administration and do so in more channels to increase reach; Update the portals and act on the systems; Translation into clear language.

  2. Challenge: Placing the citizen at the center of the action of open management initiatives  

    • Opportunity: e-Government; Open Government;

    • Actions: Multiply centralized spaces that have been designed based on the behaviors and needs of citizens; Reuse information between organisms.

  3. Challenge: The level of digital literacy in Portugal is low

    • Opportunity: Digital literacy implies greater digital citizenship

    • Actions: Digital literacy webinars

  4. Challenge: Improving the relationship with Civic Laboratories and other Civil Society organizations

    • Opportunity: Citizen engagement

    • Actions: Public Administration co-produce with Civic Laboratories

  5. Challenge:Use and update of Open Data 

    • Opportunity: Open data leads the citizen to audit the data

    • Actions: Promote cross-cutting use of Open Data by ensuring that it is up-to-date and dynamic


 For those who have not had the opportunity to watch the webinar can do so through the links below: 

[Find the portuguese transcription of the webinar here]

 If you would like to leave your feedback, please contact us ogp@ama.pt.


From October,15  to November, 6, the Public Consultation on the Self-Assessment Report is taking place on the I National Open Administration Action Plan. The participation of all is essential.
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