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Survey - Ideas 2nd NAP

Survey - Ideas to the 2nd National Action Plan


Following Portugal's joining to the Open Government Partnership (OGP), in December 2017, the 1st National Action Plan for Open Administration (NAP) was published in December 2018. A process that was marked by the creation of the National Open Administration Network and the definition of eight commitments, to be developed by a total of ten organisation: public enticies and civil society organisation.

The 2nd NAP, which will be published in August 2021 and implemented until August 2022, is currently in the development and co-creation phase, with the intention of now identifying thematic areas and ideas with the potential to be transformed into future commitments of Open Administration.

We would like to encourage the contribution of citizens, companies, civil society organisations and specialists to identify these areas and the most relevant problems in their relationship with the Public Administration. Since this process is open, participatory and inclusive, all contributions and suggestions are valid and count.


If you want to participate, please, answer the following QUESTIONAIRE (Portuguese language)

The questionaire will be available until the 11th December.