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Self Assessment Report to the 1st National Action Plan

Self-Assessment Report of the I NAP



As part of the process of development and implementation of the I National Action Plan for Open Administration (I NAP), the Self-Assessment Report (SAR) of the I NAP has been completed.

Download the Self Assessment Report HERE.

This Self Assessment was supported by contributions from the National Network for Open Administration and a public consultation process concerning the draft of the Report, which took place between October 15 and November 6.

The public consultation resulted in forty-one comments, received by email and directly in the draft report which was made available. All comments were considered relevant and individualized responses were sent to all citizens who participated and contributed to this process. Four of these comments have been integrated into the report due to their special relevance.


The public consultation promotion activities included the webinar “Civic Participation in Open Administration Processes”, resulting in ninety subscribers and thirty-four participants. Following the webinar, a summary of the five challenges identified in the session was posted in the OGP site, which can be consulted here.




You can find the SAR, in Portuguese and English, in the OGP website, here