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Open Gov Week Portugal

Call for Commitment proposals for the 2nd National Action Plan


In Portugal, the Open Government Partnership (OGP) is an initiative coordinated by AMA - Administrative Modernization Agency, in collaboration with the National Network for Open Administration. Through the development and implementation of National Open Government Action Plans and other initiatives, OGP Portugal aims to promote more transparency, more openness and more participation, in a collaborative effort between the State and Civil Society, to provide better public services. 

The creation of the 2nd Open Government National Action Plan (NAP) intends to be developed and implemented through the involvement and participation of several stakeholders, namely Citizens, Civil Society representatives and Public Administration institutions. 

Several initiatives have already been carried out for the development of the 2nd NAP. In a first moment, during the Discovery Phase, the National Network for Open Administration (the Network) hosted a set of thematic discussion forums and applieda survey, which aimed to identify thematic areas and ideas with the potential to be transformed into future Open Administration commitments. Subsequently, the Network promoted the Co-creation Phase, which consisted of a programme with several collaborative sessions for the co-creation of commitments, where the objective was to identify the main challenges faced by citizens, Civil Society organisations and companies in their relationship with the State, as well as to flag potential opportunities to apply Open Government principles and values in their resolution. 

Now, we are moving on the Conception Phase where we seek the validation of the previously identified themes and ideas and the structured development of commitment proposals to be included in the 2nd NAP. Thus, we intend to collect contributions and encourage public participation by filling out this form. All proposals submitted will be analysed and responded by the Network, thus shaping how the commitments of this 2nd NAP will be chosen and built.


Submit your proposals by filling this form until 5th May 2021