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1000 dias de OGP e Encerramento do 1º Plano de Ação Nacional

1000 days of OGP and closure of 1st National Action Plan



The Open Government Partnership (OGP) wants governments and public administrations to become more transparent, more accountable and closer to citizens to provide better public services. This requires, in many cases, a cultural change that ensures greater dialogue and collaboration between governments and civil society.

With the Portuguese participation in the OGP, since December 2017, the National Open Administration Network (RNAA) was created, which, in partnership with Civil Society organizations and executing entities, prepares, promotes and implements Action Plans, which are developed every two years, through the execution of concrete initiatives and public commitments.

Portugal is celebrating 1,000 days of OGP membership! At the same time the RNAA closed its 1st National Action Plan , which is based on 8 commitments, selected from a set of proposals resulting from co-creation activities the Network and a public consultation process, which were developed around four main axes:

  1. Open Data, promoting the availability and reuse of information generated by the AP (with 2 commitments);

  2. Transparency, promoting access to information and administrative documents from the public sector (with 7 commitments);

  3. Use of Information and Communication Technologies and Digital Inclusion, disclosing new relationship channels between AP and citizens / companies (with 5 commitments);

  4. Civic Participation, encouraging the use of public consultation and participatory democracy processes (with 6 commitments).


  Network members mark the end of the I PANAA during the 11th Network Meeting.

The Self-Assessment Report, developed by RNAA members, will soon be available for public consultation. Self-Assessment Reports are a key element of the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM), one of the components of accountability of OGP members, and one of the main means of monitoring the progress of Action Plans in participating countries, as well as results and impacts achieved during the implementation of an Action Plan.