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Iniciativas de Administração Aberta para fazer face ao COVID-19

Collecting Open Government Approaches to COVID-19



Open government thrives when people come together in dialogue and work to co-create and implement reforms that bring governments closer to their people. Sadly, in the current context, it is not possible to have gatherings in many of our member countries. Given the spread of the pandemic, Open Government Partnership (OGP) encourages the 78 country and 20 local members that work alongside thousands of civil society organizations to follow public health instructions and guidelines and to suspend or delay any planned OGP events to later in the year or, if possible, switch to virtual meetings.

OGP believes that the best role to perform in this context is to help create an open space for the community to share where they see open government approaches and resources to tackle COVID-19 being implemented, either by governments themselves or civil society, citizens or the private sector. This way, OGP encourages its members to share examples (through this form) that may cover some of the following categories:

  1. Citizen-led community responses, including neighborhood volunteer groups and neighborhood associations, clergy, teachers or others helping to inform the public on the risks and needed steps.

  2. Participatory disaster response strategies, including working with civil society and citizens.

  3. Building trust between government and citizens, including through strong communications and focusing on reaching vulnerable communities with the information they need.

  4. Transparency over forecasting models and data that are influencing government’s strategies.

  5. Digital platforms or apps to keep citizens informed, enable public participation and/or offer open data; Digital tools to enable public participation.

  6. Digital and/or crowdsourced provision of public and government services.

  7. Protecting data rights and privacy as corporations help lead the response in many countries.

  8. Tackling misinformation and disinformation online.

  9. Publishing proactive information for affected communities, including economic and social support.


The National Open Administration Network is also preparing a set of initiatives to tackle the pandemic that soon will be presented and published on the OGP website.