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VII Reunião da Rede Nacional de Administração Aberta

7th Meeting of the National Network for Open Administration




The National Open Administration Network held on December 20, 2019, the 7th Meeting at the headquarters of AMA - Administrative Modernization Agency, with the presence of members of the Network, namely representatives of the AMA, Tax Authority, Council of Rectors of Portuguese Universities, from the Platform of Civil Society Associations - Casa da Cidadania, the Ombudsman and Transparency and Integrity. The meeting was also attended by the Minister for Modernization of the State and Public Administration, Alexandra Leitão, who was accompanied by members of her cabinet and from the cabinet of the Secretary of State for Innovation and Administrative Modernization.


The agenda focused on the presentation and discussion of the report on an independent evaluation of the Portuguese participation in OGP; the state of play on the 8 Commitments included in the I National Open Administration Action Plan - 4 of which are already successfully completed (check the monitoring of the 1st Action Plan), and finally, the beginning of the discussion on the preparation of the 2nd Action Plan, for 2020-2021, and the Open Gov Week 2020.

The discussion allowed a free exchange of ideas and suggestions, highlighting the relevance of including Civil Society themes, which must be considered in the future, to continue promoting Open Administration in Portuguese public entities namely the digital transition process and the guarantee of a wider inclusion and representativeness within the participation processes.


To check the keynote and minutes of the VII Multistakeholder Forum, please visit the documentation page of the National Open Administration Network.